Welcome to THE LAST GLASS SHOW! Or depending on how you look at the current state of the world…it might be THE NEXT GLASS SHOW! Either way it is an exhibition that brings together a diverse group of artists and designers, professionals and hobbyist, all of which share a common interest in glass as a creative medium and who are drawn to participate in a national community.
GLASS is not an easy material to work with. It is one of the most common of materials yet it remains one of the most mysterious. It requires collaboration, cooperative studios, and an overall willingness to share ideas and information. It is highly inclusive and like all culture, it is a group activity. This exhibition is as much about the culture that this organization supports as it is about how we contribute to it.
The works presented represent the ways in which each person responds to their own set of concerns and circumstances and to the world at large. All who expressed interest have been given the chance to be involved. The inclusion of personal photographs and video provides an intimate view into how glass objectsare lived with and experienced on a daily basis, from the eyes of those who produce it. 

The Last Glass Show (the NEXT glass show) offers a glimpse into the ideas and efforts that in many ways define our collective identity from coast to coast and beyond.
- Ryan Legassicke, curator
The Glass Art Association of Canada is a volunteer-run organization. We offer Canadian glassmakers, students, collectors and interested individuals an online glass-network with our association’s e-magazine Contemporary Canadian Glass, our email-based electronic newsletter, and the GAAC home website.
The membership would like to acknowledge the people who have made a significant contribution to this exhibition:
Current Board Members: Jamie Gray, Rachael Wong, Marcia DeVicque, 
Benjamin Kikkert, Steven Tippin, Kate Tippin, Wendy McPeak, Gilles Payette, Karina Guevin
Previous Board Members & Exhibition Advisors: Sally McCubbin, Brad Copping, Susan Edgerley, Jay Macdonell
Membership Coordinator: Christy Haldane
Volunteer Coordinator and additional support: Alex Anagnostou, AN, Meagan Smith, Hana Schweighardt, Ash Butti, Patrick Fisher

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    Glass Art Association
    of Canada

    The Last Glass Show
    a curated membership exhibition
    Nov 15 - Dec 28, 2012
    Opening Reception:
    November 15
    6 - 9pm

    Une exposition avec jury d’œuvres des members
    15 novembre au 28 décembre 2012
    Vernissage :
    Jeudi, le 15 novembre
     18 - 21 h


    July 2013
    November 2012